I can rarely resist stopping at South of the Border whenever I can, and this instance happened to align with the orangey glow of dawn. I've never really taken a deliberate set of photos here, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.
Something about this time of day can turn just about any unsightly place into something tranquil, peaceful relaxing. South of the Border used to always seem to have me looking over my shoulder but not on this visit.
Referring to South of the Border a tourist trap feels all but too generous anymore. 'Tourist trap' implies that it's frequented by travelers, when in reality it seems no one visits this place anymore. Once a bustling metropolis of unsavory characters, now it simply feels empty. I prefer it this way.
While some things have undoubtedly been demolished throughout the location's demise in the last 15 years or so, it's impressive just how much remains. A remarkable amount of the neon signage is still functional as well, although it seems to be a losing battle. A lot of fun to photograph in this pre-sunrise hour.
Pedroland, the on-site amusement park, has sat in various states of dereliction since its closure which happened at some point in the unspecified past. South of the Border's website may have you believe that the park is in fact still open, but if the abandoned, disassembled, and/or rotting rides are any indication, it's probably done for good. It's been this way for as long as I can remember.
The Sombrero Tower is no doubt South of the Border's icon - a towering beacon, attempting to intrigue passing interstate travelers, albeit unsuccessfully nowadays. I've never been to the top to admire the aerial view of I95, and seeing as I can't recall the last time it was open, that's unlikely to change.
Hasta la vista.